Bianchi Road Bike

The Bianchi road bike is a favorite among the fixed gear bike community. It is a great bike with grace, style and versatility. The Bianchi road bike company was founded by Edoardo Bianchi of Milan, Italy in 1885. Thus the Bianchi bike company is one of the world's oldest bicycle companies and is famous for their race bikes, leisure bikes, track bikes and the modern age fixed gear bikes.

Today, with its headquarters located in Hayward, California in the United States, this bike company manufactures bikes in many, many categories- all high performance bikes and they range from the multi-terrain bikes to the classic Bianchi road bikes styles.

Backed with such a grand history, the Bianchi road bike is looked up for its great design, prestige and fixed gear high performance.

A Bianchi road bike is the truest road bike and when it comes to champion bike riders, Jan Ullrich, Danilo Di Luca and many more have won numerous awards in the bike racing competitions. Hence it is true when we say that a Bianchi road bike has a global reputation for winning many awards on the tracks.

'Celeste', a Bianchi road bike in the color Bianchi green is recognized by all the Bianchi fans the world around. This the best quality bike with its rich history and brand power is worth investing in. Prices do vary for the different models of the Bianchi road bikes and are available with suitable accessories. The 'Celeste' is the most recognized bike and is a great advertising brand for the excellent Bianchi road bike range.

In the recent years, the Bianchi road bike company has embraced the latest technologies in bike industry and is manufacturing high end bike in the light weight range using materials like carbon frames, Titanium frames, Alu-carbon frames and Aluminum frames. The Bianchi bike company also offers a full range of bike components for the bike including wheel sets, seat posts, handle bars and crank sets.

Due to a distinct road racing history that the Bianchi road bike has, professional and amateur cyclists rate this bike as the best.

The dedicated professional cyclists vouch for the performance offered by the bespoke models while the less professional or the mere mortals go for the more sublime racing bikes available under the Bianchi brand. Either way a Bianchi road bike is truly one of the world's best bikes.

A steady growth of cycling as a mode of commuting or as just a leisure activity has led the Bianchi road bike company to offer perfect bikes for individual needs. Riding on the world's truly great machine like a Bianchi road bike will surely have heads turn in its direction.


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